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Dayum, girls! — “Bruin Day” at UCLA is a chance for incoming Freshmen to get acquainted with the potential of campus life, and features a knockout performance by the UCLA Spirit Squad & Band

I had to leave a Bar Mitzvah a smidgen early (Oy!), but as always, the UCLA Spirit Squad made it totally worth it.  No regrets, as the UCLA Dance Team and Cheer Squad, accompanied by the Solid Gold Sound of the UCLA Marching Band, performed several routines in the bright noontime sun.  My photos are always better when taken in direct sunlight, so this “Bruin Day” is a bonanza for us.

At Bruin Day, every campus group, major, activity, society, sport, etc., etc., has a booth set up to introduce themselves to thousands of kids who are graduating high school and headed to Westwood next year.  It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to get acclimated to some of the amazing opportunities that exist to improve your college experience.

My biggest regret about my 4 years at UCLA is that I didn’t Continue Reading »


Narc Sanchez — Ex-trojan Quarterback Mark Sanchez gets busted by the NFL for Performance-Enhancing Drugs, so if any team is stupid enough to sign this cheat for next season, he will be banned for the first 4 games.  And guess what — he denies that he did anything wrong

The endless parade of trojans and ex-trojans who get caught red-handed cheating and then refuse to admit it just increased by one, as Mark Sanchez has just been added to the list.

Yesterday, the NFL announced that FREE AGENT (i.e. NFL homeless castaway) Mark Sanchez has failed a drug test, and is now suspended for 4 games.  It is no wonder that Sanchez would take performance-enhancing drugs, since he is a has-been, years past his prime, still trying to catch on for one last contract.  After all these years of Sacks, Interceptions, Losses, Missed Playoffs, Clipboard-holding, and the infamous Butt Fumble, Sanchez has deteriorated so badly Continue Reading »


This is the End — Here is Part 5 of 5:  The last 50 2018 photos of the USC Song Girls, Cheerleaders, and Dance Team, in honor of the Swim With Mike Charity

Well, this is it.  The final installment of photos from the 38th Annual Swim With Mike Charity Event.  I hope you have enjoyed these collections, and Continue Reading »


Strange Redfellows — Here is Part 4 of 5:  50 more photos of the beneficent USC Song Girls, Cheerleaders, and Dance Team, to encourage your support of the Swim With Mike charitable organization

On a night when Bruin Russell Westbrook clinches an amazing accomplishment — Averaging a Triple-Double for the second season in a row — I am still focused on Continue Reading »


When I say this is a legit cause, I meme it — Here is Part 3 of the Song Girl Parade, all in the hope that you will dough-nate to Swim With Mike

Here are 50 more photos from the 38th Annual Swim With Mike charity fundraiser.  Every person who helps out at this event DONATES their time and takes zero payment, meaning that 100% of donations go to the pool to fund scholarships for Continue Reading »


Monitor THIS — Here is Part Two: 57 more photos of the USC Song Girls, Cheerleaders, and Dance Team, all in the hope that you will consider supporting the Swim with Mike charity

When you do a nice thing, are you doing it because you are a nice person and it’s just the right thing to do, or do you do it to ensure that you will get into Heaven?  Are you inherently good, or is it a kind of reciprocal altruism?  Are you just worried about the state of your karma?

Well, it really doesn’t matter WHY, as long as you actually do the good deed.  And the deed currently in question is supporting this worthy cause.  Swim With Mike is a non-profit organization that supplies college scholarships to young men and women athletes who meet with tragic accidents and become paralyzed or have amputations, but still want to compete, and excel.

These recipients display valor and courage worthy of Continue Reading »


For the Love of Mike — The 38th Annual “Swim with Mike” Charity Event at USC is anything but a flop, as the Trojan Song Girls, Cheerleaders, and Dance Team help raise over 1.5 Million Dollars for severely injured teenage athletes

No, this is not another April Fools joke.  I missed last year due to a work conflict, but for the 9 years before that, and yesterday, I set The Rivalry aside, and went to the University of Southern California to support the Swim with Mike charity.

This worthy cause, named for paralyzed USC swimmer Mike Nyeholt, started in 1981, when Mike was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.  It was organized by friends of Mike, intended as a one-time fundraiser to help him.  But Mike turned it into an annual event, for others to reap the benefits.  This charity gives scholarships to athletes who are gravely injured, so they can still attend college, and continue to courageously overcome paralysis or amputation.

And this year, I had my first, first-hand interaction with Mr. Nyeholt, and I can attest that he is the real deal.  At the event yesterday, a woman passed out, and while the paramedics attended to her, Mike wheeled over in his chair, to personally make sure that she was okay.  With everything else going on at this event that he oversees, and with all the people placing demands on him, he still had the class to check on this woman, whom he had never met before.

This makes me (even more) proud to be a 10-time supporter of his fundraising efforts.  I always Continue Reading »


Villa’ and Toddzilla — Villanova easily wins their 2nd NCAA Basketball Championship in 3 years, right after it was reported that ex-trojan Todd Marinovich had been arrested not once, but twice last month for probation violations, and is still in jail, right now, where he belongs

According to legendary u$c Quarterback Todd Marinovich, he did not play a single game for the trojans while SOBER.  Let that sink in for a moment.  All those games, all those teammates, and all those coaches, and no one noticed or cared that their star player and field leader was WASTED during every single snap.  Such is the legacy of Todd Marinovich and USC Football.

Who knows if Todd is referring to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin.  He has been arrested so many times, with so many different illegal substances, it’s impossible to keep track.  He has been arrested in 1990, 1997, 2000, 2005, 2007, 2016, and now, 2018.

These most recent arrests, on March 19th and again 4 days later on March 23rd — “The Todd Couple” — are due to unspecified “probation violations.”  Wanna guess if it was drug-related?

What makes it even funnier, or more pathetic, depending on your point of view, is that last year, Continue Reading »


… APRIL FOOLS!  Never, never, never would this ever happen.  Bruin pics at the end of this article should comfort you, if you were momentarily shaken

Happy April 1st, everyone.  I know this headline is far-fetched, but since I don’t think I’ve ever done an April Fool’s Day prank in the 13 years of this site, I thought I just might catch someone, and force a double-take or two.  But no worries, I’m a Bruin for Life.  Besides, if you completely remove school loyalty from the equation, I’m still going to deliver to my readers who like beautiful cheerleader photos the BEST.  Why would I DOWNGRADE from the Elite A Team to share instead photos of the B Team?

In the Sports World this week, UCLA Superstar Junior Aaron Holiday announced that he will forego his Senior Season and declare for the NBA Draft now.  This announcement came as a shock to no one, as Holiday was the second-best player in the entire conference this season, and has nothing left to prove.  Another year would probably NOT raise Continue Reading »


Bon and Gone — UCLA fails to execute, including team leaders Thomas Welsh, who goes 1-for-5 for only 2 Points, and Aaron Holiday, who commits THREE Turnovers in the final 30 seconds of a one-possession game, as the Bruins choke against the Bonnies, 65-58 and are exterminated from the NCAA Tournament

UCLA’s season is officially over.  One of their worst performances of the year devolved into a 65-78 elimination loss to underdog St. Bonaventure, in the “First Four” NCAA Tournament “Play-In” match-up of #11-seeds in Dayton, Ohio.  Despite the Bruins’ massive height advantage, their two twin towers were completely ineffective on Offense.  The team’s second-leading scorer, 7-footer Thomas Welsh, made one shot all night, scoring only 2 points on 5 shots.  He wasn’t looking for his shot, he wasn’t looking for the ball, and his teammates weren’t looking to feed him.  Welsh did pull down 15 Rebounds, but on the Offensive end he was a complete non-factor. Fellow big man Gyorgy Goloman didn’t help on that end either.  He had 4 Blocks on the Defensive side, but he too made only 1 bucket all night.

The only Bruin big man that could do any scoring was Alex Olesinski, who tallied 7, with 4 Boards in 15 minutes.  But when Alex O. is outscoring Welsh and Goloman combined, you know this is not going the way the Bruins had planned.  In the front court, Aaron Holiday started the game scoring UCLA’s first 8 Points, then missed 6 straight shots and didn’t score again for about an hour and a half.  He finally found some Offensive rhythm in the second half, Continue Reading »


No Prob, No Sob — UCLA squeaks into the NCAA Tournament and will have to play in the (“play-in”) Round of 68, but that’s better than u$c, who shockingly gets snubbed completely

That sound you hear is whining, and lots of it, coming from just off the Harbor Freeway on Figueroa Street.  The u$c trojans have been left out of March Madness, and their fans can’t believe it.  They thought they were a shoo-in, but after losing to UCLA at home a couple of weeks ago, they — as I explained then — exchanged places with the Bruins, going from “last four in” to “first four out.”

But after that painful loss, trojan fans thought they had climbed back into the Dance by winning two games in the Pac-12 Tournament.  Sadly for sc, beating Oregon State and Oregon wasn’t enough.  In fact, sc has beaten only two NCAA Tournament teams all year (New Mexico St. and Fullerton!!), while losing to lowly (this year) Princeton, and with a super-DOWN Pac-12 this year, that was enough to leave them on the outside looking in… at UCLA.

There is, of course ANOTHER theory.  Perhaps the NCAA knows how DIRTY the Southern Cal Athletic Department is, and didn’t want to invite them, just to have any wins VACATED in the near future.  With the FBI Investigation still underway, and with a trojan Assistant Coach already indicted, and with THREE troy players allegedly fingered for taking money to play, maybe the Selection Committee decided to bump sc right off the bubble.  If that’s really the case, then Arizona is lucky they were an automatic qualifier and nowhere near the bubble anyway.

And UCLA didn’t exactly Continue Reading »


Aaron on the side of awesome — Aaron Holiday gets his career-high 34 Points for the second game in a row, plus 8 Assists, 7 Rebounds, and 2 Steals, leading UCLA to an 88-77 victory over Stanford that is presumed to clinch a spot in the NCAA Tournament for the Bruins

Aaron Holiday keeps getting better and better.  He has come such a long way from last season when he was possibly the best “6th Man” in the Country, but who could not always be counted on to complete the clutch drive or avoid the costly turnover in traffic.  NOW, he is Mr. Clutch, with supreme confidence and the stats to prove it.  He is deadly from 3-Point range, and unstoppable driving to the hoop.  On Thursday night, he scored 17 in each half, and pretty much dominated the game from beginning to end, as UCLA survived and advanced in the Pac-12 Tournament, vanquishing Stanford 88-77.

Holiday actually did miss a few lay-ups in this game, at the end of stellar penetrations.  It was so surprising that the announcers remarked about its rare-ness.   Maybe there was something different about the rims in Las Vegas, because the Bruins uncharacteristically botched about a dozen gimmes on the night.  It allowed Stanford to stay in the game, with the resulting win not being clinched until the final 45 seconds.

UCLA started strong, going up 20-10 early, building the lead to 13 soon thereafter.  But then Stanford’s Coach begged his team to show some passion, and they responded with a 15-2 run to tie the game.  The Bruins stayed ahead most of the game, but Continue Reading »

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