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The game-winner!

Bruins tame Notre Dame — UCLA blows a 14-point Second Half lead, trails by 5 with less than 3 minutes left, but comes back to tie, then a Jalen Hill blocked shot sets up a Kris Wilkes 3-pointer in the final second to beat the Fighting Irish 62-59

UCLA’s 2nd best Rivalry is back.  40+ years after some of the most memorable college basketball games ever played, UCLA and Notre Dame were back at it, and you could almost hear Dick Enberg calling the action.  Just like that infamous game in 1974 that ended the 88-game winning streak — still the greatest streak of all time — this one went right down to the final buzzer.

It was a game of runs, with Notre Dame coming out NOT intimidated, scoring the first 6 points of the game, and being up 8-2 before the Bruins arrived.  That’s when UCLA went on a 13-0 spurt to go up 15-7.  The Irish kept it close for most of the half, until the Bruins closed out the half on a 9-0 splurge, to take a 31-20 lead into the locker room, with Kris Wilkes leading the scoring with 8.

UCLA opened the second half with a Wilkes 3-point play, so they were up by 14, and it looked like they would pull away and cruise past the unranked visitors.  Even Bill Walton, no stranger to this storied rivalry, said the rout was on.  But Notre Dame did not quit, outscoring UCLA by 19 over the next 12 minutes, to hold a 5-point lead with less than 6 minutes remaining.

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Happy Handsukkah — The first night of Hanukkah, aka The Festival of Lights, is not a festival for the Lions, as Moses Brown (3 Blocks, 10 Rebounds) and the UCLA Defense plague Loyola to 29% shooting, while Jaylen Hands (10 Assists, 17 Points) leads the Bruin Offense to 82 Points against a (previously undefeated) team that was giving up less than 60 a game, in an 82-58 blowout (but never blow out the Hanukkah candles)

Will the “Jewbilation” last 8 days?  With the Catholics coming to town on Saturday?  UCLA hosts hated former rival Notre Dame this weekend, renewing a rivalry that conjures up images of Austin Carr, Kelly Tripucka, Bill Laimbeer, and “the devil himself” (as Bill Walton calls him) Digger Phelps.  And the Bruins continued to develop some good momentum to take them into that contest, after following up a luau-like feasting on Hawaii with a safari-like trophy hunt of the Lions of Jesuit College Loyola Marymount.

This skinning of the Lions was never close, with UCLA taking control early and cruising with a double-digit lead for almost the entire game.  The Bruins were up by 12 at the Half, and added another 12 to that margin in the Second Half to win going away, 82-58.  You’d never know that Loyola came into this game at 8-and-0, with a Nationally-ranked Defense that was holding teams to under 60 Points per game and under 40% shooting.

UCLA  was able to establish an early lead not because Loyola’s Defense was bad — The Lions’ “mane” issue was their atrocious shooting.  They missed 9 of their first 10 shots, Continue Reading »


Here’s looking at U($c), kid — I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that Lynn Swann, a sham of an Athletic Director, announced that u$c, a sham of a University, will bogart Clay Helton, a sham of a Football Coach, for another year, instead of rounding up the usual suspects

I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, between clueless u$c Athletic Director Lynn Swann and mediocre trojan Head Coach Clay Helton.  If they stay in place for a while, that program won’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.  Yesterday, Swann announced that embattled Helton will return to coach sc next season — a decision he will regret — Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of his life.  There is gambling going on in that establishment, and Swann is taking a big gamble.

Trojan fans are up in arms over this decision.  There was a plane flying a banner over the Coliseum last night, while sc was losing the Notre Dame, Continue Reading »


Having such a good time, having a ball — Here are 38 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad from Saturday, taken before and after being dragged off by Security

I hope you like and appreciate these photos.  I don’t make any money off this endeavor — the only thing I get out of it is knowing that the squad members, and their families, and any other readers of this site, enjoy these photo arrays.

I think I’m doing something good — supporting a wonderful organization with terrific people in charge, who run it flawlessly, and who select spectacular people to participate as members of the elite squad.  But so many people Continue Reading »


Turn it up to 11 — UCLA comes back from 14 down to take a 4th quarter lead but can’t hold on as they lose to Stanford for the 11th straight time, 49-42.  Meanwhile, u$c blows a double-digit lead against Notre Dame, gives up 24 straight points, and goes down 24-17, to end their season at 5-7, their worst campaign in 18 years

Losing to Stanford again sucks.  11 straight years of misery.  It could have felt like a Spinal Tap of emotional pain.  But when it comes a week after a Bruin victory over the trojans, it’s not quite as bad as some of the others.  Also, this 49-42 loss to the Cardinal was not a blowout by any stretch of the imagination.  UCLA showed a lot of heart in their last game of a rebuilding year, coming back from a 41-27 deficit to actually take the lead 42-41 in the 4th quarter, behind QB Wilton Speight’s career-high 466 yards passing.

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A Day at the Racists — How long will it take before your Thanksgiving is marred by a crazy uncle making a blatantly racist statement, or maybe just innocently calling your Asian girlfriend “Oriental?”

Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone enjoys the holiday, with family, friends, football, and a feast.  Most people, I think, look forward to this annual event, but some people dread it, due to family dysfunction and drama.  In more recent years, the awkwardness often arises when politics are discussed.  And in this political climate, politics can easily lead to the topic of Race.  With immigration and so-called national security on people’s minds, the issue is a huge divider.

I would guess in most families, where there are a dozen people gathered, there will be at least one person who disagrees vehemently with YOUR take.  That could lead to friction, and conflict, right at the dinner table.  So I Continue Reading »


We beat the favorite, so savor it — Savor the long-time-coming victory, and savor these photos, and look forward to a lot more coming soon

Ok, take it easy — I don’t think the students of the Spirit Squad are “things.”  They are people.  Human beings.  Wonderful, intelligent, graceful human beings.  I care about them quite a bit, as people.  The word Continue Reading »


Ho, ho, ho — Chip Kelly unwraps Joshua Kelley against the trojans at the Rose Bowl, gifting him 40 carries, and Kelley tears into it like a kid on Christmas, gaining a career-high 289 yards including a career-best 61-yard run, and scoring 2 TD’s including the game-winning 55-yarder, as UCLA celebrates an upset over u$c 34-27

Bruin Running Back Joshua Kelley just did something no other Bruin has ever done before — The jovial transfer from UC Davis(!) rushed for 289 yards against UCLA’s crosstown rival u$c.  Maurice Jones-Drew, Skip Hicks, Gaston Green, DeShaun Foster — None of them ever gained close to that many yards against the trojans.

In fact, the 289 yard mark is a record for any player of EITHER team in the Rivalry Game.  Not Reggie Bush, Marcus Allen, Charles White, Anthony Davis, Ricky Bell, or even O.J. Simpson ever hit 289.  Of course O.J. still holds the record for most murders, but that’s another story.

Kelley’s career night also saw him break 1000 yards for the season, and tally at least 1 TD in 7 straight games.  I don’t know how a guy with Kelley’s immense ability ever landed at UC Davis.  As he has shown all season, his INSTINCT for finding holes, WAITING for gaps to open, and knowing exactly which way to cut, is uncanny.

Kelley was the MVP of this game far and away, but he did not win the game single-handedly.  It was a real team effort, and Continue Reading »


Where there’s smok(in’ hot girls), there’s no fire — Out of respect for the victims of the recent wildfires, the annual Beat SC Bonfire was not lit, but the rally was “lit,” thanks mostly to the UCLA Spirit Squad

[NOTE:  In this post you will find 68 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad (mostly Dance Team).  See the PREVIOUS post for other Rally photos, including Chip Kelly and the Football Team, plus the Basketball and Gymnastics teams, as well as the student dance groups and the SAA group photos.]

Ok, ok, it’s an understandable gesture:  Don’t play with fire to celebrate a sports rivalry, when people nearby just lost their homes, and other people lost their lives, to that same element.  I get it, and I am not complaining.  But since there was no wind in evidence, and no danger, I would have lit the fire, and staged a tribute to the firefighters who would have been there supervising the event.  It would have elicited the biggest cheers of the night, and those guys certainly deserve it.  They fought through the night last Friday, holding the line so I didn’t have to evacuate myself.  The fireline was just a couple of blocks away.  I was packed and ready to go, but those heroes allowed me to avoid the ordeal of traumatizing my pets and moving out.

So, no fire at the 2018 Beat SC Bonfire.  Just a Rally.  But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t HOT, HOT, HOT.  The UCLA Dance Team was on fire!  From my vantage point (right in front of the stage), I never saw anyone from the Cheer Squad, so I apologize to them and to you for not getting/sharing any photos of them.  That should be remedied on Saturday, Continue Reading »


Right from the hoarse’s mouth — UCLA Coach Chip Kelly has lost his voice — Let’s hope that’s the only thing he loses this week

So Chip Kelly addressed the throng of Bruin students and fans at the Beat SC Rally Thursday night, and it was painful to listen to him talk.  His raspy voice and sore throat indicates he is either fighting a cold, or, he’s been yelling at his players in practice, getting ready for the one game that could salvage his season.  I hope it’s the latter, and I hope it works.

Kelly is a great motivator, and Rivalry Games often turn on emotion instead of just skill/talent.  Kelly showed the crowd a piece of his motivational arsenal — Continue Reading »


Marshall Illin’ — u$c chokes away a 14-0 second half lead, losing to Cal for the first time in 15 years, thanks to Iman Marshall’s penalty for jawing at the Bear sidelines, costing troy the ball with 3:28 left in a 15-14 game

Trojans just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut.  Or maybe they are just so USED to NOT being disciplined when they act like thugs, that they have no idea that it’s wrong.  Well, on Saturday night, a trojan was all the way over on the Cal sidelines, screaming at his opponents, and he got flagged for an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty that basically cost sc the game, in their 15-14 loss to California, which ELIMINATES u$c from the Rose Bowl.

How did it come down to that?  It’s hard to believe, since u$c took a 14-0 lead in the first half and was about to make it 21 until they fumbled right in front of the Bear goalline right before Continue Reading »


Kris saves, Moses invests — Kris Wilkes dominates early, then Moses Brown takes over, as UCLA’s Genesis is a Commanding 96-71 conquering of Purdue Fort Wayne

You would think that losing stud playmaker Aaron Holiday and consistent Big Man Thomas Welsh would create some major problems for UCLA Basketball 2018-19.  Those problems were not apparent on opening night, as Kris Wilkes, Jaylen Hands, and newcomer Moses Brown MORE than picked up the slack in the Bruins’ impressive 96-71 victory over overmatched Purdue Fort Wayne.  Don’t laugh at that seemingly low level of competition — This Mastodon team beat Indiana each of the last two years, including a 20-point beatdown last season!

But there was no way they could stay with the new and improved Bruins.  UCLA’s best returning player, Kris Wilkes, came out on fire, scoring 13 of the Bruins’ first 22 Points.  He finished the half with 19, and ended the game with a career-high 27.  Wilkes was a known commodity coming in.  He was EXPECTED to be the Offensive leader.  No one expected him to average 27 Points, but everyone knew he could be relied on.  The big question marks were:  Could Jaylen Hands fill in at the Point for Aaron Holiday, and could Freshman Center Moses Brown fill the void left by Thomas Welsh?

Hands answered the first question IN PART, with a good game, scoring 18, with 7 Assists against only 2 Turnovers, plus 2 Steals, 2 Blocks, and 3 Boards.  That being said, he did NOT “run the offense” like Holiday or Lonzo Ball did for the last couple of years.  He was not really a floor general out there, directing the Offensive gameplan/attack.  But this team doesn’t really require that to score in bunches.  There is just a lot of motion, and ball movement, where everyone is just looking for an open man.  Totally different than Lonzo controlling the ball, finding a cutter with eagle-eye vision, and hitting him with a laser-focused needle-threading dime.  Totally different, but tonight, still very effective.  Maybe a true pass-first, solid ballhandling Point Guard will be needed later in the season, but it wasn’t a problem against a Purdue Fort Wayne team.

As for the hole at the Center position, there is NO QUESTION about that any more.  Moses looks like he may just lead the Blues to the Promised Land.  The 7′ 1″ Frosh Brown scored 19 on 9-for-10 shooting, dished out 2 Assists, stole 1 ball, blocked a shot, and ALTERED a dozen more.  But the stat that jumps out of the box score and into your face?  Brown pulled down SEVENTEEN Rebounds.  This guy is a game-changing presence on Defense, Continue Reading »

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